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Aluminum Tubes Cans

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  • Land/Region: Taiwan
  • Stadt: Neues Taipei
  • Kontakt-Person: Anita Hsu
  • Telefon: 886-2-86857001
  • Telefax: 886-2-86857056
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Aluminum Tubes Cans

Produkt-Kategorie Aerosol-Dosen,Zigarettenetuis,Aluminiumrohre
Verkaufs-Methode Export,Fertigung
Zahlungs-Ausdruck T/T,L/C am Anblick
Minimaler Auftrag: 1000 Stücke
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  • Taiwan
  • 04/16/2018

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Produktbeschreibungen / Eigenschaften

. Aerosol cans,We are a professional cigar tube manufactory from Taiwan. Our owner - Mr. Chiu has over 40 years experiences in the aluminum tube printing and manufactory filed. No matter in cigar tube, marketing pen, aerosol can meet your require in good quality, best price to support you
developing the market. We will delivery some tube which made from us by mail to you later, if you are interested in our quality. We will provide our best offer to you as soon as possible.
Aluminum Cases
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