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Monopolar RF+Vacuum Slimming System

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  • Land/Region: Taiwan
  • Stadt: Taipei
  • Kontakt-Person: Mrs. Jean Tien
  • Telefon: 886-2-25377583
  • Telefax: 886-2-25612514
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Monopolar RF+Vacuum Slimming System

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  • China (Festland)
  • JM-2S350
  • null
  • CE. PSE. ISO 13485
  • 07/24/2014

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  • 1 SET/CTN

Produktbeschreibungen / Eigenschaften

JM-2S350 Monopolar RF+Vacuum Slimming System
Working principle
It is the newest and most advanced non-laser, non-ablative radio frequency system. It combines the monopole RF technology with vacuum system, which positions the skin at the treatment site within the electrode. It delivers radio frequency deep into the dermis with the unique RF-with-vacuum-assisted probe. When the collagen-rich dermis is heated above 60℃, ir denatures and the fibrils contract and thicken. The body natural wound healing process generates new collagen and dermal remodeling, leaving the skin looking firmer and more youthful. In the meantime, the RF energy and vacuum mechanism increase metabolism accelerate blood circulation and increase blood flow, for body slimming and shaping.
Face lifting
Skin lifting around eyes
Skin lifting on neck
Breast lifting
Effective on removal whelk and scars
Body slimming and shaping
Safe and non-ablative: no pain and no side effect
Equipped with vacuum system to make treatment more efficient
Significant result: skin whitening, skin rejuvenation, tightening large skin pores
Easy operation
Cost effective: compared to injection and plastic surgery, it is low cost but effective
Monopolar RF, Vacuum Slimming, Beauty Supplies, Beauty Equipment, Beauty Instruments, Beauty Machine, Improve Skin, Body Shaping, Wrinkle Removal
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