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Single/Double Thread Screwed Plastic Needle

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  • Land/Region: Taiwan
  • Stadt: Taoyuan
  • Kontakt-Person: Mrs. Stella Liang
  • Telefon: 886-3-2289168
  • Telefax: 886-3-2288912
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Single/Double Thread Screwed Plastic Needle

Produkt-Kategorie Kleber-zugeführte Ausrüstungen
Verkaufs-Methode Export,Fertigung,OEM/ODM
Zahlungs-Ausdruck T/T
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  • Taoyuan , Taiwan
  • null
  • 12/28/2011

Produktbeschreibungen / Eigenschaften

Material: Needle: SUS304 / SUS316 Base: Brass (Nickel-Plated)
* These first quality disposable precision needles are quality stainless steel shafts that are cut to precise lengths, carefully deburred and passivated.
These are the preferred disposable needle for any robotic application that requires the low cost convenience of a disposable needle
* Custom lengths, shapes, threads, angles and side cuts are available.
Dispensing Accessories, Plastic Needle, Thread Screwed Plastic Needle, Resin Needles and Nozzles
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