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RW-6820 Thermo-Plastic Cementing Machine

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  • Land/Region: Taiwan
  • Kontakt-Person: Ming-Chiang Chen
  • Telefon: 886-2-82091151
  • Telefax: 886-2-82003618
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RW-6820 Thermo-Plastic Cementing Machine

Produkt-Kategorie Kleben der Maschinen,Industrielles stützenmachinery/n.e.s.
Verkaufs-Methode Export,Fertigung
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  • Taiwan
  • RW-6820
  • 11/30/2015

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Produktbeschreibungen / Eigenschaften

Product Character
.The innovation designs of directively heating on cementing roller which can be thermo-cemented evenly, anyhow, workpiece can be cemented equally.
.The thermo-plastic tunnel has treated by telfon, convenient for cementing change, the cementing roller & tunnel can be heated individually, especially, due to thermo-plastic character to adjust the cementing temp, Otherly, the thermo-plastic can be avoided carbonizied.
.The cemented products will be beautified, advance quality & increase production rate, Since, be installed the exhaust fan to exhaust odor gas, so that, the healthy of operators can be assured.
.This m/c be installed inverter and the cementing speed can be adjusted in stepless and also installed forward/reverse switches, which employed reverse backwarded workpiece in failure or in short of cementing volume during in processing, assured of workiece quality.

Thermo-Plastic Cementing Machine, Gluing Machines, Industrial Supporting Machinery, Eyelets, Tubular Rivets
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