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Miniature SSR MSR-series

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  • Land/Region: Taiwan
  • Stadt: Neues Taipei
  • Kontakt-Person: Mrs. Vivian Tsai
  • Telefon: 886-2-22287950
  • Telefax: 886-2-22286140
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Miniature SSR MSR-series

Produkt-Kategorie Relais
Verkaufs-Methode Export,Fertigung,OEM/ODM
Zahlungs-Ausdruck T/T,L/C am Anblick,Western Union
Minimaler Auftrag: 10 Stücke
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  • Taipei , Taiwan
  • MSR
  • 09/19/2017

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  • ** (cm)

Produktbeschreibungen / Eigenschaften

→Non spark and non noise.
→High speed ON/OFF.
→DC control isolated with AC power, easy wiring and no need of auxiliary power.
→It can connect varistor to avoid surge.
→With protection cover to avoid shock ,dust and humidity.
→It can be individual use or be assembled to use in 3 Phase 2 Pole or 3 Phase 3 Pole.
→Patent design of one line wiring which minimize the size to save space and wiring time.
SSR, Miniature, Maxtech, 3 phases 2 poles, 3 phases 3 poles, Solid State Relay
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