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  • Bobson Enterprise Co., Ltd.
  • Bobson Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Firma-Informationen Bobson Enterprise Co., Ltd., a Taiwanese Aluminum Alloy 6061 High Pressure
Cylinder manufacture located in Tainan city.

Why Bobson?

1. We are a certified high pressure cylinder manufacture by the US DOT- Department of Transportation & Canada TC-Transport Canada. We also approved by ISO 9001: 2015 management certificate.

2. We has professional inspection and production equipment, and we train professional and outstanding technical team.

3. We also have authorized inspector on site by the US Authorized Testing Inc. to ensure every production stage has met the best quality level.

4. We are expanding our specialty product lines for, medical oxygen cylinders, paintball tanks, and soda water CO2 tanks, fire extinguisher CO2 tanks, Scuba cylinders, and many more OEM / ODM high pressure cylinders.

5. We can offer high quality and the best pricing high pressure aluminum alloy cylinders.

We are welcome any business opportunity with any inquiry, including cooperate with
agent to find more business in the world.

We are sincerely hoping to serve you in the future.
Geschäfts-Art Export,Fertigung,OEM/ODM
Hauptprodukte Gas Cylinders, Respiratory & Surgical Equipments/n.e.s., Fire Extinguishers
Produkt-Schlüsselwörter Cylinder,Tanks,High Pressure Cylinder,Soda Cylinder,Gas Cylinder,Paintball Tanks,Scuba Cylinder,CO2 Cylinder,Medical Cylinder,Aluminum Cylinder
Ausfuhrmärkte Afrika,Europa,Asien,Mittlere Osten,Nordamerika,Ozeanien,Mitte und Südamerika
Wettbewerbsvorteile Brunnen-und Qualitäts-Steuerung,Sofortige Anlieferung,Soem angenommen,ODM angenommen