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  • Land/Region: China (Festland)
  • Provinz: Guangdong
  • Stadt: Dongguan
  • Kontakt-Person: Judy
  • Telefon: 86-769-89332182
  • Telefax: 86-769-89332182
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Dongguan SUM Electronics Technology Co., Ltd
Firma-Informationen Dongguan SUM Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is an enterprise with large series of renewable energy products( like polymer lithium-ion battery, lithium iron phosphate battery, energy storage system, and other various energy products…),which is able to research and develop independently, manufacture independently, fine and diversified the field of sales and applications.We have been deeply engaged in the battery industry in a long term, and collected a group of senior technical elite with decades of team management and practice skills.

We have a lot of experience on applying batteries to various areas, and have precipitates and sublimated many successful cases, can provide free supports on suggesting batteries design according to the technical requirements and application environment of your product .

Our enterprise adheres to “Craftsman Spirit, Fine Making, Honesty Keeping and service sincerely”.

We devote to become the excellent supplier to supply products to users all around the world by providing the safest, most convenient and cost-effective battery customized solutions and product services, making customers enjoy more professional, efficient and comprehensive service experience is the final goal of our team to do best efforts to achieve.
Geschäfts-Art Export,Fertigung,Großverkauf,OEM/ODM,Service
Hauptprodukte Batteries/n.e.s., Rechargeable Batteries, Lithium Batteries
Produkt-Schlüsselwörter Rechargeable Battery,Lithium Polymer Battery,Lithium Ion Battery,18650 Battery Pack,Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery,Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery(LiSOCI2),Cylinder Lithium Battery,Square Lithium Battery,Lithium-manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2),UAV Battery
Innen hergestellt 2012
Ausfuhrmärkte Afrika,Europa,Asien,Mittlere Osten,Nordamerika,Ozeanien,Mitte und Südamerika
Wettbewerbsvorteile Brunnen-und Qualitäts-Steuerung,Sofortige Anlieferung,Soem angenommen,Neues Produkt,Entwurf und Firmenzeichen des Kunden sind willkommen,Konkurrenzfähige Preise,Masse-freundliche Produkte
Nr. der Fließbänder 5