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  • Land/Region: Taiwan
  • Stadt: Taipei
  • Kontakt-Person: Mrs. Jean Tien
  • Telefon: 886-2-25377583
  • Telefax: 886-2-25612514
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JM-8205L LED Cold Light Magnifying Lamp Beauty Equipment, ...

JM-8205L LED Cold Light Magnifying Lamp Beauty Equipment (Stand) Magnifying Lamp LED Cold Light Lamp Beauty Studio Skin Scanner Voltage: AC 110V~240V Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Power: 2.5W LED Lamp Qts...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Schönheits-Instrumente

JM-B0012 Lash Growth & Nourish Kit, LASH UP, Eyelash Nouri...

Lash UP Lash Growth & Nourish Kit Kit Contains: (1). LASH UP Nourish Treatment x 3 Bottles 3 ml/bottle (2). LASH UP Essence Aftercare x 3 Mascaras 4.5 ml/each side LASH GROWTH SCIENCE LASH UP Nou...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Wimperntusche

JM-2011 Facial Care With LED Color Beauty Instruments

JM-2011 Facial Care With LED Color Beauty Instruments 1. Skin Rejuvenation, Whiten, Skin Lifting. 2. Anti aging, Remove all kinds of pigmentation, such as freckle, chloasma, aged spots, sunburn, ...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Schönheits-Ausrüstungen u. Apparatus/n.e.s.

JM-83673 Electric Beauty Bed, Salon Electric Massage Chair

Electric Beauty Bed Salon Electric Massage Chair Professional Salon Furnishings Electric Beauty Bed 1. Professional and Durable. 2. Good Quality 3. Beautiful Appearance Fully reclining backrest L...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Massage-Betten

G-9410 Tattoo Machine Kit, Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine

Tattoo Machine Kit Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine Professional Make-up Hygienic Tattoo Machine Parts of the Machine can be Change for maintenance, and lengthen the Life-span of the machine. Disp...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Tätowierung-Maschinen u. Produkte

JM-8503 Nail-Washer Beauty Equipment

JM-8503 Nail-Washer Beauty Equipment Nail Washer Beauty Instrument Personal Nail beauty equipment Portable Ultrasonic Nail Clean Machine Ultrasonic Nail Wash 1. Nail Wash 2. Jewelry Wash Voltage:...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Nagel-Sorgfalt Products/n.e.s.

JM-220106A / JM-220106B Teeth Whitening System

JM-220106A / JM-220106B Teeth Whitening System 1. High efficiency goose pipe design, adjust angle at random, convenient for use. 2. Combination of high power japanese Blue led. 3. Tunable bleachi...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Schönheits-Instrumente

JM-8209 UV Sterilizer Unit Beauty Equipment

UV Sterilizer Unit Beauty Equipment Single UV Lamp (Tube) To sterilize the facility N. W.: 5.1kgs G. W.: 6.4kgs Packing size: 42x26.5x28cm

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Schönheits-Ausrüstungen u. Apparatus/n.e.s.

JM-20601G Ultrasonic NANO Moisturizing Spray Instrument, P...

JM-20601G Ultrasonic NANO Moisturizing Spray Instrument Ultrasonic Skin Cooler Spray Facial Skin Spray Skin Moisturizing Handy Size-Easy to Carry After tattooing and spot removing, is the efficac...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Schönheits-Instrumente

JM-6504 Digital Hair Dryer Instrument, Hair Salon Equipmen...

JM-6504 Digital Hair Dryer Instrument With cool wind Function: Drying / Stereotyping Timer: 60 minutes Electric constant temperature: 38°C~62°C Voltage: AC 100V. 110V. 120V. 220V. 240V. Frequency...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Haartrockner