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  • Land/Region: Taiwan
  • Stadt: Tainan
  • Kontakt-Person: Mr. Solar Lin
  • Telefon: 886-6-2039918
  • Telefax: 886-6-2505658
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Produkt No. 1-10 / Gesamtmenge 89
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New Silicone Design Lipbalm

It's easy to produce 1~5 colors design lipbalm by silicone pad. You can promote new design lipbalm to meet buy ecomomical in short time to meet your customer's demand. Quantity Per Month: 2 desig...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Lippenbalsame

2 Colors Embossed Injection Component Of Lip & Mascara

This New 2 colors embossed injection component which can design as customerized demand to meet different market demand and let you promote in near future.

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Lippenglanze

Triple-Core Lipstick, Lipsticks Moulds

Lipstick Molds,Air Blowing Ejector ,Triple-Core Lipstick Mold ,Filling Machine ,Baked Powder Machine New Products. Triple-core lipstick normal flate type & 3D type

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Lippenstifte

Pre-Heating Mixer of Oil Gel

Pre-Heating Mixer of Oil Gel for 12 colors filling auto machine 1. Power as customer's demand. 2. Capacity: 10 Litter each / 12 Stainless tanks. It's easy to clean colors 3. Set the time of auto ...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Machinery/n.e.s.

Baked Powder Extruder

We had been developed some various the newest design as Silicone design lipstick with air blowing system and vacuum system, Silicone design lip balm(1~5 colors)continually since 20 years ago. Our...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Plastikverarbeitungs-Maschinen

New Vacuum System To Produce 24~30 Design Logo Lipsticks

You can promote this new vacuums system which make 24~30pcs design logo lipsticks at a time by Air, see the video of this system as belows Youtube website. '

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Verfassung Tools/n.e.s.

Umbrella Type Mould

Umbrella Type Mold We had been developed some various the newest design as Silicone design lipstick with air blowing system and vacuum system, Silicone design lip balm(1~5 colors)continually sinc...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Moulds/n.e.s.

Cosmetic Component

For new developed design 2 colors injection component of lipgloss tube, mascara component will make your new produce popular & meet your customer's demand in near future.

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Kosmetik Packaging/n.e.s.

Logo Design Lipstick By Vacuum System

You can produce logo design lipstick by our Vacuum system to make any shape or logo design of finished shiny lipstick at a time (12/24pcs) without any fklamming only switch on the black bar to me...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Lippenstifte

Auto Machine With Air Blowing & Vacuum System for Silicone...

This machine are suitable for silicone design lipstick & metal mold lipstick of complex design or soft raw matrerial of lipstick. Operation is simple by button on the front of machine. you can ch...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Machinery/n.e.s.