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  • Land/Region: Taiwan
  • Stadt: Tainan
  • Kontakt-Person: Mr. Solar Lin
  • Telefon: 886-6-2039918
  • Telefax: 886-6-2505658
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48 Cavities Lipbalm Mould

48 Cavities Lipbalm Mold We had been developed some various the newest design as Silicone design lipstick with air blowing system and vacuum system, Silicone design lip balm(1~5 colors)continuall...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Moulds/n.e.s.

72Cavities Lipstick Mould

This new multi (72 cavities)- 2colors lipstick mold is suit for more quantity lipstick to produce as same type at every season or many quantity lipstick to produce in a short time.

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Moulds/n.e.s.

New Vacuum System Can Produce 24Pcs Logo Lipsticks

New Vacuum system can produce 24pcs silicone design logo lipsticks at a time which can promote new item to your customers at different market in near future.

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Moulds/n.e.s.

Multi-Colors Type Molds

. We can manufacture various tip-shape for our clients. . Also you can design any shapes to meet customer demand. . Twin turret with same specs make machine higher stability . Mould's structure w...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Moulds/n.e.s.

Multi-Cavities Type Lipstick Molds

. 24/36/72/84/96/100/120 cavities mold are available. . Removing upper mould, the aid can help to release upper mould quickly and keep the whole lipsticks on the base mould. . Case fitting, the a...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Moulds/n.e.s.

Umbrella Type Mould

Umbrella Type Mold We had been developed some various the newest design as Silicone design lipstick with air blowing system and vacuum system, Silicone design lip balm(1~5 colors)continually sinc...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Moulds/n.e.s.

90 Cavities Metal Mould Lipstick

This 90 cavities lipstick mold is suitable for more quanity & reorder to fast delivery at short time. We had been developed some various the newest design as Silicone design lipstick with air blo...

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Moulds/n.e.s.

3 Colors Lipstick Mold

Lipstick Molds,Air Blowing Ejector ,Triple-Core Lipstick Mold ,Filling Machine ,Baked Powder Machine This new 3 colors lipstick mold which can meet your market demand in near future.

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Moulds/n.e.s.

Pen Type, Lipstick Moulds

‧Machine filled from container's bottom. ‧Can be split, easy to clean. ‧Easy to operate, it just fill from bottom, freeze, and turn the bullet into container.

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Moulds/n.e.s.

2 Color Lip Mould, Lipstick Moulds

2 Color Lip Mold Also we are capable of designing our own product lines and of meeting customers'specific need such as custom-made services.

Hauptprodukt-Kategorie: Moulds/n.e.s.