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  • Wir BUY> Computer, Computer-Teile, DDR4, RAM-Gedächtnis

    Wir KAUFEN allen Arten of> Computer, Computer-Teile, DDR4, UDDIM, RAM-Gedächtnis, SSD256gb TLC 2.5 " SATA III interne SSD, DER SSD-M.2 SATA 512GB STERN SA TOGO sind ein Importgeschäft herstellten 2007. Ausführliches Angebot und Preis bitte mailen. Zahlungsausdruck L/C oder TT durch unsere Bank. Gabriel Akpatavi SOUZA /CEO STERN SA Büro address> 593, Handels Sylvanus Olympio BP 3629 Lomé TOGO. Telefon (+228) 22 21 31 6 MAILEN 

  • hot sales adorable summer ribbon hat

    hot sales adorable summer ribbon hat  It specializes in the development of high-grade ladies hat, straw hat, hat, round pads, bags, bags and other fashion accessories. Competitive Advantages:  product description:Complete your country style with  Straw Cowboy Hat.  Features include an elastic band that not only ensures a snug & comfortable fit, but also helps serve as a sweat band on those hot summer days. Show you're a true cowgirl with these durable straw cowboy hats. One size fits most.   product material:This item is manufactured with premium straw for durable use. With high quality materials and craftsmanship, it's cool and simple-designed floppy brim can be worn folded up or down in various cute styles while still maintaining its shape. It can also be easily carried inside your bag.   Material: Straw Head circumference:56-58cm , this style suitable for man or girl .          Liduoo Inf't Co., an enterprise focusing on the design, development and production of mid-to-high-end hats. It has the technology of processing and production of international European and American brands to ensure product quality. We have five categories of straw products, hats/bags/round pads/webbing/environmentally friendly recycled materials. And continue to design new products to meet customer needs, provide OEM/ODM customized services, and look forward to working with you to jointly develop business opportunities. Limehi, our approach towards sustainability is to design simply while being mindful of environment factors.  This can be seen in our commitment to use the eco-friendly leather or any other natural fiber-based materials including natural grass, paper fiber, organic cotton, recycled materials, hemp and paper braids in our designs.   We want our products to create a green style, to look elegant, be functional, be delightful to use, and offer a surplus in value.  With a narrow focus, constant learning and creative thinking, we can continually improve the solutions and insights we share, in a way that is respectful to both our customers and the planet.  If that resonates, we would love to hear from you.    Environmental Paper Bow Ribbon Straw Hat

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