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  • HASP Hinge

    I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Please quote for 1000pcs in very good quality gold plating with 12mm screws.We need only hasp with hook in gold plating(can be brass polished), each hasp in a poly bag and then in a thick carton box. Please give us your best EXW price, also please advise net weight, production time, SF fees to Hong Kong  We need 10% extra screws we shall pay We shall use them on 12mm wooden panel, so let us know what is the maximum height of screw (head to toe) Iron with Gold plating as attached  Dimension: 72x19x3mm Net weight about 11grams Production time for 1000pcs: about XXdays after receipt of TT EXW Factory: XX/pc SF Fees to Hong Kong:XX USD

  • waste plastic pelletizing making machine granulating line

    pecifications Waste plastic pellet making machine  1. High efficiency  2. Easy operation  4.High quality  5. Multifunctional FEATURES  1-air-cooling hot face pelletizing system 2-Double screw extruder for plastic 3-for PP filler masterbatch 4-kinds of models    Waste plastic granulator mainly for PP, PE plastic film (PP/PE film, PP/PE plastic bags, PE  plastic film mulching films shed, PP woven bag bag tons of cement bags, PP nonwoven) cleaned to granulation , make plastic granularis appearance, the pellet full, even and without porosity, suitable for all kinds of waste plastic regeneration granulation recycling

  • 4RT Vacuum Rubber Molding Press Machine,Xincheng Yiming Vacuum Rubber Molding Press

    Product Name: 4RT Vacuum Rubber Press,300T Vacuum Rubber Molding Press, 300T 4RT Vacuum Rubber Press, 4RT Vacuum Rubber Press Machine Keywords: 4RT Vacuum Rubber Press, 300T Vacuum Rubber Molding Press, 300T 4RT Vacuum Rubber Press, 4RT Vacuum Rubber Press Machine 4RT Vacuum Rubber Molding Press 4RT Vacuum Rubber Hydraulic Press 4RT Vacuum Rubber Plate Vulcanizer 4RT Vacuum Rubber Forming Machine Applicable Products: Suitable for 3 or 4 layers and products need top of mold. Features: **The 4RT surpasses the traditional top opening mold that can be used for taking out the final product when there are triple or four mold plates with the design of opening mold, pushing out the mold in between, loading the bottom mold, lowering the mold in between, and rising hood hit the final production. Manufacturer: Qingdao Xincheng Yiming Rubber Machinery Co.,Ltd. Non - standard size can be based on customer requirements for the machine to re design and production. The main components of the use of foreign famous brands, the quality is absolutely assured.Run no noise, provide a good working environment for rubber products vulcanized workers.All kinds of human nature of the design details of the manufacturers are highly responsible for the user. Payment: 100% T/T Transportation: by vessel. Packaging: tensile membrane rust prevention and moisture treatment. Installation and debugging: can help the customer site installation and commissioning.

  • Nails/Screw & Perforated Steel Band

    NO CHINA ORIGIN PLS !! MAINLANDER PLS DON'T OFFER IS !!! Drywall Fine Thread Bugle Flat Head Phillips Drive Sharp Point Tempered Screw Drywall Coarse Thread Bugle Flat Head Phillips Drive Sharp Point Tempered Screw Self- Tapping Fine Thread Pan Framing Head Phillips Drive Sharp Point Tempered Screw Wood Self Tapping Coarse Thread Countersunk Flat Head Phillips Drive Sharp Point Tempered Screw Self- Drilling Fine Thread Truss Head Phillips Drive Self Drilling Point Tempered Screw Fully Threaded Metric (DIN975) Rod Common Nail Finishing Nail Spiral Shank (Helically Threaded) Nail Perforated S/S#304 Metal Band with Shinny Zinc Plated Pls contact us Via email for Full details and our RFQ !!!!!

  • Bluetooth V4.0 Wireless Speaker

    Model No.: HX-2402   Product Features: 1) Bluetooth V4.0 2) A2DP, AVRCP support 3) Playing time: about 5 hours 4) Wireless range: 10 meters 5) Material: ABS+ aluminum 6) Accessories: 3.5mm audio cable*1, USB charging cable*1 7) Line in: Support 8) Product Size: OD70*240 mm

  • Dual 15" Deep Sound PA Speaker, Power Loudspeaker

    T-2153  is  a unique,innovative two-way, full range system with crossover network built-in both MF  HF sections. T-2153 is equipped with two 15 inch wave horn neodymium loading woofer, one 3 inch neodymium compression driver optimally splayed for smooth, powerful, mid-long throw wide coverage. Extremely versatile T-2153 blends pleasing aesthetics, uncompromising technical excellence with ease of installation to provide a high quality loudspeaker system to suit installed sound requirements of varied sizes venues such as bars, night clubs, conference centers, stadiums, arenas, etc. Company Profile   T. I Reward Audio CO., LTD is a global designer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality pro audio equipment, our production line including indoor outdoor line array speaker, pa speaker, pro subwoofer, monitor speaker, power amplifier, processor and wireless microphones. OEM and customized service is well provided for our customers. T. I Reward Audio with the highest lever and most luxury raw material in the world, and offer to clients with the normal Chinese price. 1. Pure Iron System, it's the main part of the speaker driver units, such as pure iron, titanium, using electrical pure iron, high permeability, is the industry's most extravagant speaker material, compared to the speaker than ordinary iron sheet used 80 times to 100 times, particularly low temperature, characterized by a continuous sound particularly good, there is no magnetic circuit eddy current status, linear supple, not in haste. 2. Conical Wood horn, wood horn made from a more high-quality Russian birch plywood in high temperature and pressure, and unit-specific parameters of our own research and development agreement, wooden horn production cost is 5 times that of conventional plastic horn, professional PA system HI FI level production, is characterized by not with vibration woofer cavity interference sound particularly clear, detailed, this wooden horn sound reduction is particularly high. 3. Speaker research and production, our company has independent R & D capability of the speaker, from raw material procurement until the operating instructions issued to the final speaker line QA QC made by our technical team tracking execution. With the development and production of world-class speaker level. For example, we strictly control the voice coil wire purity level, especially in the voice coil made of glue when we certified by the EU more than 220 degrees Celsius, 100 hours of power test, can provide relevant information parameters. Our usual cone of high- quality British UKN cone, he can better restore and release sound. We use a magnet Y35 quality international standards. T Washer We use top electrical iron, 900 degrees C after 8 hours-temperature annealing processing, so that the carbon content close to zero. Our Speaker Box frame belongs to our specially treated surface temperature electrostatic spray, and balanced treatment, such as selvedge position plucked location, location washer, we use CNC lathe finishing to ensure that the speaker is not at work There is an equilibrium problem. We open with a mold clamping, so that the speaker does not work exist selvage shedding problem. We focus on new audio technology, fashion appearance, market flexible structure research. Our PA products in pursuit of high technology, fashion, plasticity characteristics. Over 20 years of technical experience of our sound engineers are the foremost guarantee to all of our operation. Our electro-acoustic professionals and staffs are working for the company dedicatedly and energetically. Insistent training with serious, systematic and sophisticated QA concept to our staffs had built up solid foundation to our quality as well as to our success in the industry. T. I Reward audio products ideal for rental market, installation market for events, multimedia, musicals, concert halls, theatres, church and other application …We never stop the music. We can easily meet all requirements for c

  • QFN32 to DIP32 adapter QFN32 socket YAMAICHI QFN11T032-003 with PCB

    Brand Name:YAMAICHI Part Number:QFN11T032-003 Package:QFN Pitch:0.5MM Pin Count:32PIN IC Size:5X5MM Structure:Clamshell    Country of origin:JAPAN INSULATION RESISTANCE:DC100V 1,000M Ω DIELECTRIC WITHSTANDING VOLTAGE:AC100V CONTACT RESISTANCE: 50MΩ or less at 10mA OPERATING TEMPERATURE :-55degree~+170degree all of this  below  sockets are in stock  ,please let me know if you are interested ,thank you. YAMAICHI IC51-0162-1042 YAMAICHI IC51-0162-271-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0162-272-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0162-271-3 YAMAICHI IC51-0162-273-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0162-273-2 YAMAICHI IC51-0162-658 YAMAICHI IC51-0162-778 YAMAICHI IC51-0162-902-2 YAMAICHI IC51-0162-911 YAMAICHI IC51-0202-1026 YAMAICHI IC51-0202-347 YAMAICHI IC51-0202-779 YAMAICHI IC51-0202-912 YAMAICHI IC51-0204-602 YAMAICHI IC51-0242-2071 YAMAICHI IC51-0242-295-5 YAMAICHI IC51-0242-303-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0242-310-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0242-684 YAMAICHI IC51-0242-761 YAMAICHI IC51-0242-793 YAMAICHI IC51-0242-913 YAMAICHI IC51-0282-153 YAMAICHI IC51-0282-334-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0284-399 YAMAICHI IC51-0302-371-1 YAMAICHI IC51-755.KS13330 YAMAICHI IC51-0322-1207-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0322-1031-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0322-304-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0322-304-2 YAMAICHI IC51-0322-910 YAMAICHI IC51-0322-948 YAMAICHI IC51-0324-1498 YAMAICHI IC51-0324-354 YAMAICHI IC51-0324-453 YAMAICHI IC51-0324-805 YAMAICHI IC51-0342-741 YAMAICHI IC51-0362-1928 YAMAICHI IC51-0362-309 YAMAICHI IC51-0362-736 YAMAICHI IC51-0402-1347 YAMAICHI IC51-0402-1197 YAMAICHI IC51-0402-1396 YAMAICHI IC51-0302-755 YAMAICHI IC51-0302-371-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0382-2036 YAMAICHI IC51-0302-914 YAMAICHI IC51-0402-1557 YAMAICHI IC51-0402-991 YAMAICHI IC51-0422-393 YAMAICHI SOP11T044-001 YAMAICHI IC51-0444-400 YAMAICHI IC51-0444-467 YAMAICHI IC51-467.KS11787 YAMAICHI IC51-0444-798 YAMAICHI IC51-0444-825 YAMAICHI IC51-0444-954 YAMAICHI QFP11T044-001 YAMAICHI IC51-0482-1099 YAMAICHI IC51-0482-2018 YAMAICHI IC51-0482-2069 YAMAICHI IC51-0484-652 YAMAICHI IC51-0484-806 YAMAICHI IC51-0484-806-11 YAMAICHI IC51-0484-806-7 YAMAICHI IC51-0484-831-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0524-411-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0562-1387 YAMAICHI IC51-0562-2067 YAMAICHI IC51-0562-1056 YAMAICHI IC51-0562-2144 YAMAICHI IC51-0564-680-2 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-1240-2 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-1586 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-1602 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-1972 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-692 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-807 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-807-10 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-807-3 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-807-6 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-820-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-820-2 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-820-3 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-820-5 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-824-3 YAMAICHI IC51-0644-824-5 YAMAICHI QFP11T064-011 YAMAICHI IC51-0684-390-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0684-498 YAMAICHI IC51-0684-734 YAMAICHI IC51-0702-1965 YAMAICHI IC51-0804-711 YAMAICHI IC51-0804-795 YAMAICHI IC51-0804-808-14 YAMAICHI IC51-0804-808-4 YAMAICHI IC51-0804-819-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0804-819-2 YAMAICHI IC51-0804-819-4 YAMAICHI IC51-0804-819-6 YAMAICHI IC51-0804-819-7 YAMAICHI IC51-819.KS-12720 YAMAICHI QFP11T080-005 YAMAICHI QFP11T080-008 YAMAICHI IC51-0844-401-1 YAMAICHI IC51-0844-846 YAMAICHI IC51-1004-1919-2 YAMAICHI IC51-1004-395 YAMAICHI IC51-1004-405-1 YAMAICHI IC51-1004-567 YAMAICHI IC51-1004-744 YAMAICHI IC51-1004-809 YAMAICHI IC51-1004-809-23 YAMAICHI IC51-1004-809-6 YAMAICHI IC51-1004-814-1 YAMAICHI IC51-1004-814-13 YAMAICHI IC51-1004-814-17 YAMAICHI IC51-1004-814-19 YAMAICHI IC51-1004-814-2 YAMAICHI IC51-1004-958-2 YAMAICHI IC51-1124-1036-2 YAMAICHI IC51-1204-1497 YAMAICHI IC51-1204-1596 YAMAICHI IC51-1204-1652 YAMAICHI IC51-1204-1657-2 YAMAICHI IC51-1204-1812 YAMAICHI IC51-1284-976-2 YAMAICHI IC51-1284-1236 YAMAICHI IC51-1284-1433 YAMAICHI IC51-1284-1433-10 YAMAICHI IC51-1284-1433-16 YAMAICHI IC51-1284-1702 YAMAICHI IC51-1284-1788 YAMAICHI IC51-1324-828 YAMAICHI IC51-1324-892 YAMAICHI IC51-1444-2122-3 YAMAICHI IC51-1444-1014-1 YAMAICHI IC51-1444-1014-3 YAMAICHI IC51-1444-1354 YAMAICHI IC51-1444-1354-19 YAMAICHI IC51-1444-1354-25 YAMAICHI IC51-1444-1354-7 YAMAICHI QFP11T144-001 YAMAICHI IC51-1604-1350 YAMAICHI IC51-1604-845-1 YAMAICHI IC51-1604-845-3

  • Soljet EJ-640

    Gain an Edge With the SOLJET® EJ-640 Large Format Digital Printer More than a job, it’s your reputation coming out of that printer. Which is precisely why the EJ-640 large format color printer is designed to ensure quality results even at high speeds:   Dual eight-channel Piezo inkjet heads house 180 nozzles per channel Offset-positioned print heads move in a large print swath for increased production and follow a mirrored pattern to reduce the chance of banding Advanced media feed allows media to feed through the printer accurately at high speeds        Rigid industrial design ensures quality output Patent-pending Roland Intelligent Pass Control system controls dot placement between passes, producing exceptional solid colors and photographic image quality Variable dot control achieves smooth gradations and deep image saturation on a broad range of media  


Exhibiting Scope 1.Plate metal, Bar, Wire, Steel Rope , Metal Processing a...

06/28/2017 - 06/30/2017
44th China International Beauty EXPO

03/09/2016 - 03/11/2016